Back to school?

October 24, 2006

Luckily, I didn't have to go to potty class when I was a puppy. You know, the complete house training program. I was a really quick learner, because I was being praised and even got some treats if I did my business outside. You can imagine I was outside all day, trying to poop.

Because The One Who Feeds Me Every Day thinks that my ears aren't 100%, he's thinking about getting a deaf dog training. To give you an idea, this is deaf dog training. I'm not going all the way to New Jersey for my training, but that one's in English.
I know that I can still hear (and I can hear lot more than I let some people think), but it's just in case. The Ones Who Feed Me Every Day want to learn me some basic hand signals and other things that might come in handy in the future.

It actually looks kinda cool to me, cause I can still remember what puppy training was like, with all those tasty treats...


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