Pug life update

October 29, 2006

So here's an update about what I've been up to lately. First, I'll post a random pic, cause this is supposed to be a photoblog. And what's a photoblog without pictures, right?

Behind the scenes, I have been working quie hard on the website. Yes, I can code HTML with these paws. When I asked everyone to add their blog to the directory about a week ago, I wasn't suspecting to get over 25 blogs. Thanks for that!

November's Pug of the Month contest is almost over, the voting ends on the 31st of October (yes, that's Halloween). If you want, you can still vote. The winner will be the last one to appear on the Pugs.nl calender, which will be released at the end of next week. News about the new contest will also become available next week. This will be a big one, I promise.

I have also been working on the site's backoffice, but the most of that isn't available yet. My paws haven't had a rest in about a week. All that coding wasn't good for my nails, so I think I'll have to go to the pedicure this week.


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