Stupid vet!

November 3, 2006

Man, I hate the vet. We went to see him, because I've got an ear infection. I've got one pretty pink ear and a nasty red one, fortunately it doesn't itch that bad. No idea how I got it, my ears are being cleaned regularly (I hate that!). The Ones Who Feed Me Every Day say that my ear even stinks. I got some ear drops -which I have to use every day, for ten days, dammit-, so it'll be over soon. The ear infection wasn't even the major problem; the vet told me that I'm a bit too fat and that I have to be put on a diet. The brutality!

I have to lose 2,5 kg (that's about 5.5 lbs) within a couple of weeks. Can you believe that?!?
The vet said that I have to get less snacks and do more exercising. That doesn't sound too bad, but he also told me that the following activities are not being considered as exercising:

- Eating
- Sleeping
- Begging for food
- Chewing on [fill in something edible or non-edible]
- Dreaming while making 'hmmmm-hmmmm-hmmm'-sounds
- Licking the couch (yeah, I do that...)

That does make it quite hard. Take a look at the picture below, do I look like a 15,3 kg (about 33.7 lbs) dog to you? I know that's quite a lot of weight for a Pug, but I'm large and I've got heavy bones!

I'm not fat, I've got big bones!

So when I sound a bit grumpy or cranky during the next few weeks, it's because of my diet... Grmbwl!


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  1. Django says:
    November 13, 2006 @ 19:25 — Reply

    Thanks for letting me know about the code Norman, I'll look into it. Because of the large amount of spam I received, I just had to set up a captcha, but I'll see if I can change it... The diet isn't that bad, I can still eat a lot that I would usually do. I already lost 0,5 kg/ 1 lbs ;)

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