From a Pug's point of view

November 9, 2006

Humans often think that Pugs have a great life. Well, we don't! I'll explain it to all of you human readers (all of the Pug readers already know what it's like, ofcourse).

Example one
Just like humans, Pugs like food. We even like it more than humans do. So why do you make that fridge that frikkin' high?!?

Example two
Humans sleep in king size beds, while we Pugs have to sleep in a crate, on a mat or on the floor. We Pugs can live with that. But why do we, when the humans are away and we want to take a nap on that king size bed, have to climb the Mount Everest first?!?

Example three
Since Pugs eat a lot, Pugs have to drink a lot to. Because we drink that much, we have to go out and pee once in a while. Do you humans really think we can open a door from one feet off the floor?

Example four
I'll keep it short; does this look like an easy to access sleeping place?

I thought it was time that one of us Pugs would tell those humans what it's like to be a Pug. It's not all that bad, but it ain't paradise either. How do my Pug friends think about this?


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  1. Michelle says:
    November 10, 2006 @ 00:23 — Reply


  2. Goodboy Norman Featherstone says:
    November 10, 2006 @ 15:37 — Reply

    Right on Django. I've been limping around lately, milking this paw injury, and the Woman carries me everywhere. It's really nice having my own "driver!"

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