Busy/ photo contest

December 20, 2006

December has been a very busy month for me. You know, sleeping, eating and other dog stuff. It's so busy that I haven't posted a lot this month, but I'll try to make this up in January.

Because of the busy period, I haven't even had time to set up the Pug of the Year finals. The original end date was today, but I decided to extend it with two more days. This means that you can still post your favourite Pug pic in this forum thread. If you do so, and are chosen to be in the photo contest finals, you can win a 20"x24" (or 50x60 cm.) painted version of the winning picture. The painting is being sponsored by MyBabyPainting.com.

The painting (hand made!) can be made in three different styles, which look similar to the picture below.

So don't hesitate and sign up!


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