Pug Blog Weekend: The Pug Diaries

January 21, 2007

This is episode two of the 'Pug Blog Weekends'. According to the owner of our next reviewing victim, The Pug Diaries, this Pug Blog is 'A true and accurate account of a journey into Pugdom'. Well, it actually is.

The Pug Diaries tells stories about Deuce, one of Britains cutest Pugs. Deuce is a quite naughty, young black male, who loves food, playing and puppy class. He started blogging in November last year and he has been posting lots of entertaining posts since.

The Pug Diaries is a fun blog to read. The design is quite standard, but the puppy pictures make up a lot. New posts are added almost every day, which makes it a good blog to add to your RSS feed (or blog reader, or whatever).
There is one thing, however, that could be better. The puppy pics! I can never get enough of puppy pics. No matter if you post 1000 puppy pics, I love 'em all!
(Just kidding! Keep up the good work, Deuce!)

The ratings of the Pug Diaries are:
Design: 3/5
Number of posts: 5/5
Amount of cute and/ or funny pictures: 4/5
Content: 4/5
Overall: 4/5


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  1. Kennie says:
    January 21, 2007 @ 23:19 — Reply

    Django, would you think of interveiwing my blog about me and my pugs for your next pug blogging weekend?

  2. Django says:
    January 22, 2007 @ 08:23 — Reply

    I'll review your blog next week, Kennie ;)

  3. Kennie says:
    January 23, 2007 @ 01:30 — Reply

    Um, Django, I'm a girl. It's Kennie not Kenny. Kennie is only my nickname. Thanks in advance for reveiwing me and my pugs blog!

  4. Kennie says:
    January 27, 2007 @ 04:16 — Reply

    Django, my blog is down. I don't know if it'll be up this weekend, so you might have to reveiw a different one.

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