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March 16th

Three important steps....

... a Pug has to take during a walk. Resting/ posing Drinking And, of course, letting other dogs know you woz there
March 15th

Playing on the edge

Pugs are tough dogs. We like to play it on the edge. So do I. this is me playing on the edge next to the stairs. If my head would fit through the bars and if I would fall through it, I would...
March 10th

It's a dog's life

Ok, it's not a Pug video, but I just had to share this one.
March 7th

Now that's what I call a doggy treat!

That one was good for at least ten minutes of tummy entertainment!
March 2nd

Pug pictures needed

The new website design is making progress. One of the features that will be added soon, is a Pug Image Gallery. This Gallery, of course, will be loaded with cute and funny Pug pictures. But,...