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Buy a Pug puppy

When you have finally decided to adopt a Pug (please read about the Character of the Pug first, if you haven't decided yet), you'll have to know where to get one of those lovely dogs. If you feel that a mature Pug is the best fit for you, the best you can do is contact a Pug Rescue Center in your neighbourhood. Animal shelters or an approved breeder may be able to help you out also. If you really, really want to buy a Pug puppy, you will have to do some research first.

The first thing you will have to do, is avoid pet shops who sell puppies. A puppy from a shop is no good at all. Puppies need a warm place to grow up, the cold glass of a shopping window has no positive effect at all in the raising- and socialising process of a young dog.
Pug puppy, Rocky from http://mopsrocky.web-log.nl Family homes or professional Pug breeders will -in most cases- be the best options.

Step two is deviding the good from the ugly. When you are searching for a Pug puppy, be careful around eBay and other 'Puppy for sale' auction-like ads. Legit breeders often don't need eBay to sell their litter. If you manage to find an address of a person who seems ok to you, please make sure that:

  • The mother of the puppies is present. Always. There is absolutely no reason why the mother shouldn't be there with her litter.
  • The seller does not have more then one litter. Taking care of a puppy is a lot of work, can you imagine the work of 30 puppies?
  • The breeder does not have more then three different breeds of dogs. If the seller has a lot of different breeds, there's a good chance you have found a puppy mill.
  • Ask a lot. A reputable breeder will be able to answer all of your questions. He will be happy to.
  • A good breeder will also give you a health warranty on your Pug puppy, because they will test for genetic disorders before breeding.
  • A good breeder will interview you, the buyer, and not just want your cash.

    This list is not to discourage you, it is ment to help you get a good puppy. A puppy who will be able to live long enough without being sick all the time. If you are still not sure of where to buy your Pug, please visit other websites about Puppymills first, NoPuppymills.com is a good example.
    Good luck!