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Collars and Leashes

Pugs.nl has made a selection of the best and most good looking collars, leashes and harnasses from different online stores.
Check out these great products:

Paw Print Latigo Collar

Paw Print Latigo Collar

Casual and colorful, these splendid Latigo leather collars are as pleasing to the eye as they are to your customer's pocketbook. Silver and nickel-plated Paw Print ornaments adorn each collar.

  $ 11.19
Coastal Li'l Pals Suede 8 In Collar

Coastal Li'l Pals Suede Collar

Coastal Li'l Pals Suede 8 Inch Collar. The perfect collar for Puppies and Toy Breeds. Suede is soft and comfortable. This collar has a narrow width; designed with small necks in mind. Not to be used as a tie out. Adjusts: 6" - 8"

  $ 3.99
Cushy Striped Collar 18-26 Inch Teal/Violet

Cushy Striped Collar 18-26 Inch

Fashion and comfort all in one. Made of durable cushioned polyester these two-tone collars make taking a walk comfortable for the walker and the walkee.

  $ 5.81
Metallic Leather Bone Collar Lime Green

Metallic Leather Bone Collar

Our best selling Leather Collars with an extra punch thanks to beautiful metallic leather. These collars feature deliciously bold, shiny colors sure to catch everyone’s eye. Adorned with your choice of Bones or Paws. In multiple colors.

  $ 10.99
Nylon Jeweled Dog Collar 14

Nylon Jeweled Dog Collar 14"

A row of diamond-like jewels adorns each nylon collar. Additional sizes are available. Choose from Neon Pink, , Purple, Blue, Green and Black. For correct collar size measure around your dog's neck and add 2-inches. Size: 14" x 5/8"

  $ 3.89
Yellow Dog Multi Stripe Collar

Multi Stripe Dog Collar

Great eye-catching patterns perfect for your small dog. Features durable nylon with printing on both sides and a contou plastic buckle for comfort. In multiple colors.

  $ 5.99
Charming Party Collar Light Purple

Charming Party Collar

Enjoy watching your pet step into the beauty of spring all year long with this adorable light purple chiffon collar adorned with tiny rhinestones. The elastic band allows the collar to have a perfect snuggly fit on your pet. Charming Party Collars are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

  $ 6.99

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