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Welcome to Pugs.nl

This is the place for Pugs, Pug owners and Pug lovers! You can watch pictures of and read about one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world: the Pug.

Pugs.nl contains lots of information about the flat nosed dog breed, about the history of the breed and about their owners. You can also find information about buying a Pug puppy in the information center.

The most popular features of Pugs.nl are the Pug Image Gallery and the Pug forum, which is only available in Dutch at the moment. And don't forget to read the Django's Pug Blog.

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Pug Photo Contest

Pug of the Month Photo Contest The photo section is one of the most popular sections of our Pug forums. Because lots of members post pictures of their Pugs, a 'Picture of the month' contest is being held every month. Each winner has the opportunity to win one of the great prizes!

You can participate, simply by joining the forum. Our Administrators will choose five finalists from all posts in the Photo sections. Every member can vote for his or her favourite finalist, the picture that receives the most votes will be crowned 'Pug of the Month'. Every winner will be posted on the front page of Pugs.nl.