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Famous Pug owners

Because Pugs are cute and quite easy to keep, a lot of famous people are keeping (or have kept) a Pug. Besides their owners, there are some famous Pugs, too.
Pugs.nl is trying to get as much famous Pug owners on this page as possible. Do you know a famous Pug owner -worldwide, or just in your country-, please send an email to info {at} pugs.nl. Try to send us a picture too, if possible.

Billy JoŽl & Fionula
Billy Joel and his Pug Fionula

Chris Kirkpatrick & Busta and Korea
Chris Kirkpatrick and his Pugs

Mickey Rourke & Raphael
Mickey rourke and his Pug Raphael

Paula Abdul & Puggy Sue
Paula Abdul and Puggy Sue

Goran Visnjic & Bugsy
Goran Visnjic and Bugsy

Jessica Alba & Sid
Jessica Alba and her Pug Sid

George Clooney & Unknown
George Clooney and his Pug

Leontien van Moorsel & Unknown
Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel and her Pug

Tori Spelling & Mimi
Tori Spelling and her Pug Mimi

Valentino & some of his Pugs
Valentino and his Pugs

Other famous Pug owners are:
Woody Harrelson, Ten Danson, Andy Warhol, Jenna Elfman, Josephine Bonaparte, Beverly Mitchell, Lou Ferrigno, Sammy Davis Jr., Paris Hilton, Maura Tierney, Tom Welling, Denise Richards, Tommy Hilfiger, Queen Victoria and King William of Orange.
Do you have additions or pictures? Send an email to info {at} pugs.nl.