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Famous Pugs

Because Pugs love attention and cameras, lots of them have become famous. Who doesn't know Frank the Pug from Men in Black, or Percy from Pocahontas? Besides famous Pugs, there are some famous Pug owners, too.
Pugs.nl is trying to get as much famous Pugs on this page as possible. Do you know a famous Pug -worldwide, or just in your country-, please send an email to info {at} pugs.nl. Try to send us a picture too, if possible.

Frank the Pug (Men in Black I and II)
Frank the Pug from Men in Black
Order Men in Black for only $4,33

Otis (Milo and Otis
Otis the Pug from Milo and Otis
Order Milo & Otis for only $4,14

Percy (Pocahontas)
Percy the Pug from Pocahontas
Order Pocahontas for only $8,49

Monroe (Juniper Lee)
Monroe the Pug from Juniper Lee

Other famous Pugs are:
Weenie (Eloise), Algy (Rupert Bear), Pakkun (Naruto, Japan), Fifi (Sinterklaas, The Netherlands), Alan (the King of Queens) and many Pugs from a lot of commercials.
Do you have additions or pictures? Send an email to info {at} pugs.nl.