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About Pugs.nl

Welcome to the new international Pug center! This Pug website is active since February 2006. People from all over the world have visited Pugs.nl and are participating in the Pug Forum. You can read funny Pug stories from other members, ask questions about Pug food or Pug behaviour, or you can just chat about anything you want. The Pug Forum also contains lots and lots of pictures of our Pug members. If you like Pugs, this is the place to be. If you love Pugs, you'll never want to leave.

Owner of the Pug Forum is Django, a male Pug from the Netherlands. He set up a Pug Forum to meet Pug lovers from all over the world. So far, this forum has made Django friends from countries like the USA, the UK, Taiwan, Australia, Belgium and Finland. Django wants to meet you too and he's sure you want to meet other Pug owners too! So don't hesitate and register yourself at Django's Pug Forum:

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