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The character of the Pug

The Pug is a very sociable dog. Pugs can be very stubborn, though. The breed even has its own motto: "multum in parvo" (a lot in a little package). Pugs are true companion dogs. For this reason, Pugs are very people oriented. Pugs are popular as housepet, as they do not need a big Pug yard or a big house to live in. Because Pugs don't need (or often even want) a lot of exercizing, Pugs can be true lap dogs.
They require regular exercise, and some Pugs will walk for over an hour. In any case however, it is important to make sure they do not overheat, as their short noses sometimes do not cool them off enough. Pugs are generally compatible with most (prefarably bigger) children, dogs and other animals.

While most Pugs do not bark a lot, they still can be quite noisy. Many Pugs make a grunting nasal noise, which increases when they get excited. The nasal noise can, in some cases, be mispercepted by other dogs. Pugs can snore very loudly, especially if overweight.

Since Pugs are shorthaired, they do not need a lot of brushing. They do shed a lot and brushing helps keep the hairs off your clothing.
The nose wrinkle (the deep one, just over the bridge of the nose) needs to be cleaned with a damp facecloth. Pugs tend to get nose and ear infections very quickly. Therefore, also the ears need to be checked and cleaned regularly. Pugs can hate the grooming ritual sometimes, so teach your Pug early on that this is standard practice and it isn't that scary. Never yell at the dog, this only makes them more scared.

Training & feeding
Pugs can be trainable with quiet patience and understanding. Never yell and scream at your Pug or hit your Pug. Pugs learn best with positive reinforcement. The best way to housetrain a Pug, is to praise them every time they do their business outside. Pugs have a great willingness to please, but they do need positive encouragement.

Pugs love to eat. A lot. Watch your Pugs weight, because overweight Pugs will have trouble breathing and walking. Obesity greatly increases the chances of serious health problems. Raw vegetables make great snacks, as they are low fat and crunchy.